Project: Spectrum Health Womens Services

Design Firm: Tower Pinkster – Kalamazoo

Lighting Designer: Lentz Becraft

Tower Pinkster worked closely with the Spectrum Health team to provide a design that met all the design challenges as well as the Health Departments desire to accommodate a new mother/baby philosophy. This team also worked with the construction manager and subcontractors to arrange and install the infrastructure for new patient rooms, patient toilet rooms and the support spaces with minimal impact on the existing building structure.

The lighting design goals were clear on this.  Comfortable, Efficient, LED to meet and exceed the necessary requirements of both the project and the Health Department.  The corridors accomplished this by using the HPR LED series from Finelite for both the 2×2 fixtures and the wall washing fixtures.  The demanding requirements of the patient rooms and the patient toilet rooms was done using various products from Kenall.  Each fixture for the patient rooms and toilet rooms were selected based on the IP ratings, NSF standards, and the ease of cleaning.

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